Our state led the country in reforming the health care system in 2006, leading to the highest rate of insurance coverage in the nation. People are taking advantage of better primary care and receiving preventive services, avoiding costly complications, and emergency room visits. But while the rate of health cost increases has fallen in recent years, the overall cost of health care and insurance remains much too high for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and the state government. I support current efforts underway to reform our health care payment system to ensure patients receive the quality care they need while incentivizing providers to do so in a cost-effective way. There is enough money in our health care system, it is merely a matter of spending it the right way, with more funds going toward primary care and prevention services and paying doctors not just on the quantity of tests given and patients seen, but on the overall quality of care and patient outcomes. Our state can once again lead the nation in providing affordable, accessible health care to all our residents.

Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to robotic surgery in the Commonwealth

Establishes a commission to investigate and review the use of robotic surgery and develop a set of best practices and principles for training protocols, certifying new applications for robotic surgeries, and guidelines for surgeon training to perform robotic surgery.


An Act requiring pain assessment and management in health care facilities

Adds the right to the assessment, management, and treatment of pain to the Massachusetts patients’ bill of rights.