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September 20, 2018- “Journalism and Politics: The Last Quart Century on Beacon Hill”
October 25, 2018- “A Look at the 2018 Ballot Questions”
November 1, 2018- “Leadership for Challenging Times: Adopting a Shared Language”
November 15, 2018- “Leadership for Challenging Times: Voicing Your Values”
November 29, 2018- “Leadership for Challenging Times: Reclaiming Democracy”
December 13, 2018- “My Unfinished Agenda: Challenges and Opportunities for My Successor”

September 28, 2017- “Democracy Demands Engagement V: Taking Stock”
October 26, 2017- “Born on Third Base: A Conversation with Chuck Collins about the Wealth and Income Divide”
November 16, 2017- “Your State Representative: Looking Back, Looking Ahead”
December 21, 2017- “Health Care Policy: Diagnosis, Prognosis”
January 24, 2018- “Immunity to Change: A Workshop on the Difficulty of Changing and Effecting Change”
February 15, 2018- “End of Life Issues”
March 15, 2018- “Going Back to School with the METCO Program”
April 19, 2018- “Climate Change: An Earth Day Opportunity”
May 17, 2018- “If We Don’t Tackle Election Reform…”
June 21, 2018- “A Conversation with the Candidates”

September 22, 2016 -“How Safe Are You as a Consumer? A Look at the U. S. Consumer Protection Bureau”
October 20, 2016 – “A Look at the Ballot Question on Charter Schools”
November 3, 2016 – “A Look at the Ballot Question on Legalized Marijuana”
December 15, 2016 – All the News That’s Fit to Report; A Conversation with former Boston Globe Columnist Eileen McNamara & State House News Service Publisher Craig Sandler”
January 19, 2017 – “Your Voice on Beacon Hill: A Conversation with Your State House Delegation”
February 16, 2017 – “School’s In: A Conversation with UMASS President Marty Meehan”
March 16, 2017-“A Conversation with Massachusetts Secretary of Elder Affairs Alice Bonner
April 13, 2017- “A Conversation with Massachusetts US Senator Ed Markey”
Democracy Demands Engagement: A Four-Part Series
May 4, 2017 – “Challenging Times/Building Community
May 18, 2017- “Identifying and Overcoming Divisions”
May 25, 2017-  “Values-Based/Moral Action”
June 15, 2017- “What Now?: Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Together”

September 28, 2015- “A Conversation with Jay Ash; Secretary of Housing & Economic Development”
October 15, 2015 – “Fair Share; A Taxing Challenge”
November 12, 2015- “A Conversation With Massachusetts AARP Director Michael Festa”
December 21, 2015- “A Conversation With EOHHS Secretary Marylou Sudders”
February 2, 2016- ” A Conversation With Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Secretary Stephanie Pollack”
February 18, 2016- “Leading Musically: A Conversation with Lexington Symphony Music Director Jonathan McPhee”
March 21, 2016- “Stuck at the Bottom: Social Mobility and the Wealth/Income Divide”
April 21, 2016- “Education in Massachusetts: A Conversation with Education Secretary Jim Peyser”
May 17, 2016- “Hosts a Public Meeting on Gas Leaks in Lexington”
June 16, 2016- “A Conversation with Ann Klee, VP of Global Operations at General Electric”

September 3, 2014- “A Conversation with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh”
October 16, 2014- “Ballot Questions 2014: Casino’s, Gas Tax, etc.”
November 10,2014- “Election 2014 Recap”
December 18, 2014-“How Do We Know We’re Getting Our Tax Dollars’ Worth?”
January 15, 2015-“A Conversation with Your Legislative Delegation”
February 19, 2015-“A Conversation with MASS Life Sciences CEO Susan Windham-Bannister”
March 19, 2015- “Olympics in Boston, 2024?: A Conversation with Boston 2024 CEO Richard Davey”
April 16, 2015-“It’s The Economy”
May 28, 2015- “A Conversation with Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump”
June 11,2015-“Mindful Leadership: A Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn”

September 23,2013- “Meet the Candidates: 5th Congressional District Democratic Primary”
September 26, 2013-” Guns”
October 17, 2013-“A Conversation with Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan”
November 21,2013-“Hanscom: The Airport, The Air Force Base”
December 12, 2013-The Tea Party: East India Company to Halliburton”
January 16, 2014-“Meet the Candidates: The Democratic Gubernatorial Primary”
February 20,2014-“The Failed War on Drugs”
March 20, 2014-“A Conversation with Congresswoman Katherine Clark”
April 1,2014-“Meet the Candidates: The Race for Attorney General and Treasurer”
May 15, 2014-“The State Budget: A Conversation with Senators Barrett and Donnelly”
June 19, 2013- “On the Record: A Conversation with Boston Globe State House Bureau Chief Frank Phillips & State House News Service Publisher Craig Sandler”
June 23, 2013-  “Inequality for All” Film Screening and Discussion at The Venue

September 20, 2012 – “The Pros and Cons of the Medical Marijuana and Death with Dignity Ballot Campaigns”
October 15, 2012 – “A Conversation with Noam Chomsky”
November 15, 2012 – “Election Recap”
December 13, 2012 – Health Care Reform 2.0 – What’s Next?
January 17, 2013 – “Funding Campaigns: The Best Free Speech Money Can Buy”
February 21, 2013 – “A New Session with your State House Delegation”
March 28, 2013 – Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey
May 7, 2013 – Musical May 1: Concert and Conversation with David Roth
May 14, 2013 – Musical May 2: Concert and Conversation with Hugh Moffatt
June 10, 2013 – “Campaigns are no time for Leadership” with Marty Linsky

October 11, 2010 “A Conversation with the Governor”
October 14, 2010 “Can We Afford Affordable Housing? A Forum on Question 2”
October 21, 2010 “20 years with the Americans with Disabilities Act”
November 18, 2010 “Election Aftermath: What Happened, and Where Do We Go from Here?”
December 2, 2010 “Public Higher Education”
January 20, 2011 “Revenue Reform: It’s a Taxing Challenge!”
February 10, 2011 “Property Tax Dilemma”
March 17, 2011 “Kate Campbell in Concert”
April 21, 2011 “How Special is Special Education?”
May 19, 2011 “A Community Conversation about Race”
June 9, 2011 “Redistricting: 2011 and Beyond”
June 16, 2011 “The Future of Public Transportation”
June 22, 2011 “Changing Demograhics”

September 24, 2009 “Driving in Massachusetts: Right or Privilege?”
October 15, 2009 “Healthcare in Peril? The Massachusetts Health Connector”
November 19, 2009 “Legislative Update with Rep. Kaufman and Sen. Donnelly”
January 28, 2010 “Blogging: Political Discourse in Cyberspace”
February 18, 2010 “A Conversation with the Speaker of the House”
March 18, 2010 “The State of Public Transportation in Massachusetts”
April 15, 2010 “Community Preservation Act: Worth the Cost?”
May 2, 2010 “Stand Against Racism: A Community Conversation on Race”
May 20, 2010 “MA Supreme Judicial Court Justice Ralph Gants”
June 17, 2010 “How Do We Pay for Public Services? A Taxing Challenge”
June 20, 2010 “A Comprehensive Look at the National Health Care Act and its Predecessor, ‘The 2006 Massachusetts Universal Health Care Act'”

September 18, 2008 “Repeal the Income Tax? Not!”
October 16, 2008 “A Conversation with the Speaker”
November 20, 2008 “2008 Presidential Election Analysis” – Post Election Wrap-up with the Massachusetts Democratic & Republican State Party Chairmen”
January 15, 2009 “A Discussion with Members of the 15th Middlesex Delegation”
March 19, 2009 “Public Education: Overcoming Resistance to Change: The Challenge of Public Education”
April 16, 2009 “Sustainability: Problem of Solution”
May 21, 2009 “Health Care in MA: What’s Working, and What’s Not?”
June 18, 2009 “A Conversation with Your State Representative”

The New Governor’s Development Cabinet – A Three-Part Series
September 20, 2007 “Roads, Bridges and the Future of Public Transportation: A Conversation with Bernard Cohen, Secretary of Transportation”
October 18, 2007 “Of Budgets and Priorities: A Conversation with Leslie Kirwan, Secretary of Administration and Finance”
November 8, 2007 “Jobs and Economic Development: A Conversation with Dan O’Connell, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development”
January 17, 2008 “A Community Conversation on Taxes”
March 20, 2008 “Newspapers in the Age of the Blog – A Conversation with Renee Loth”
April 17, 2008 “Managing Finances in a Recessionary Economy, with Treasurer Timothy Cahill”
May 15, 2008 “In the Footsteps of Horace Mann, Education Policy for the 21st Century”
June 19, 2008 “Crime & Punishment, Criminal Prosecution and Crime Prevention”

September 21, 2006 “What do you want from your Legislators?”
October 19, 2006 “Greater Boston: Too Expensive to Survive?”
November 30, 2006 “Local Schools and State Policy: Conflict or Partnership?”
January 18, 2007 “The Music of Politics, The Politics of Music”
February 22, 2007 “How Do We Measure Success in Government, and Who Gets to Decide Anyway?”
March 15, 2007 “Politics from the Bottom Up: A Conversation with Eli Pariser, Founder of Move-On.Org”
April 12, 2007 “It’s Getting Hot Out There: A Forum on Global Warming”
April 18, 2007 “God, Values and Public Policy: A Conversation with Michael Lerner”
May 17, 2007 “Giving an A: Thoughts on How we Grade One Another”
June 14, 2007 “Immigration 1620 to the Present: Some Things Never Change”

September 22, 2005 “Protecting the Sanctity of Your Vote: Electronic Voting, Redistricting, and Campaign Finance Reform”
October 20, 2005 “Health Care Reform Now: Expanding Access, Reducing Cost, Improving Quality”
November 10, 2005 “Electing a Governor 2006”
December 8, 2005 “Reining in the Costs of Energy: Financial, Environmental, and Social”
January 19, 2006 “The Community Preservation Act”
February 23, 2006 “Disaster’s Wake: Emergency Preparation and Response in the Commonwealth”
March 23, 2006 “Rethinking Teacher Compensation: Incentive Pay for Public Educators”
April 27, 2006 “A Conversation with the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection”
May 18, 2006 “Polling, Politics, and the Governor’s Race”
June 22, 2006 “What’s Wrong with Liberals?”

Leadership for Change – A Four-Part Tenth Anniversary Series
March 17, 2005 “Why is Leadership Rare?”
March 24, 2005 “The Art of Leadership”
March 31, 2005 “Herding Cats”
April 7, 2005 “Leadership on the Line”

Reinventing Public Education – A Six-Part Tenth Anniversary Series
October 18, 2004 “The Role of Public Education in A Democracy”
October 25, 2004 “Reframing the Debate About School Funding”
November 1, 2004 “Race Matters: The 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education
November 8, 2004 “What Do We Mean by a ‘Quality’ Education?”
November 15, 2004 “Assessing Success: What Do We Measure and How Do We Measure It?”
November 22, 2004 “The Learning Commons: A Bold New Approach”

September 21, 2004 “The Next Generation of Voters: Civic Engagement and Disillusionment”
October 21, 2004 “When I’m Sixty-Four: Baby Boomers Come of Age”
November 18, 2004 “Post Election Reflections”
January 20, 2005 “A New Legislative Session Begins: A Conversation with Your State House Reps”
February 12, 2005 “A Community Sings with Greg Greenway”
February 14, 2005 “Reframing the Environmental Debate”
March 22, 2005 “A Conversation with House Speaker Sal DiMasi”
April 28, 2005 “Affordable Housing in Our Community”
May 26, 2005 “A Political Science: The Politics of Stem Cell Research”
June 16 2005 “The Public Conversation and the Press”

September 18, 2003 “Our Hospitals: On the Critical List”
November 13, 2003 “Children’s Mental Health: What’s Being Done? What Needs to be Done?”
January 15, 2004 “Fishing and Farming: The Future of Massachusetts’ First Industries”
February 19, 2004 “Making Your Way in the Information Age and Knowledge Economy”
March 3, 2004 “Marriage at the Crossroads: Rights, Responsibilities and Values”
March 7, 2004 “Boston Symphony Orchestra Community Concert”
March 18, 2004 “Global Trade and Local Authority: Who’s Minding the Store?”
April 15, 2004 “Environmental Stress, Environmental Opportunity”
May 18, 2004 “Challenging our Youth: Drugs, Sex and Alcohol”
June 17, 2004 “OPEN HOUSE Anniversary: Looking Back, Looking Forward”

September 19, 2002 “Hanscom: 30,000 Jobs, $4 Billion and an Airport”
October 17, 2002 “In God We Trust: Religion in the Public Square”
November 21, 2002 “Health Care: The Next Big Idea”
January 16, 2003 “Challenge to Leadership”
February 13, 2003 “Challenge of Leadership”
March 20, 2003 “Income, Community and Politics – Growing Divides: A Conversation with Robert Reich”
April 10, 2003 “Civil Liberties on the Line: Free Speech and Privacy in the Age of Terrorism”
May 15, 2003 “Do Political Parties Stand for Anything Anymore?”
June 19, 2003 “Smart Growth: Vision or Oxymoron?” with Doug Foy

September 20, 2001 “A Conversation with House Speaker Tom Finneran”
October 18, 2001 “Are We Safe? Is Democracy Safe?”
November 15, 2001 “Public Education: The Debate About Vouchers, Charter Schools & Privatization”
January 17, 2002 “Reflections of a Politician: Jay Kaufman on Eight Years in Public Life”
February 21, 2002 “The State Budget Crunch: Cutting Programs, Cutting Losses”
March 21, 2002 “Health Care Reform and the Role of Government”
April 18, 2002 “What’s Wrong and What’s Right with Property Taxes?”
May 9, 2002 “The Political Landscape As a Columnist Sees It: A Conversation with Eileen McNamara”
June 20, 2002 “The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism: A Community Conversation”

September 21, 2000 “Protecting the Environment: The Role of the State”
October 19, 2000 “Meet the Press”
November 16, 2000 “Megaprojects: The Big Dig and Boston Harbor Cleanup”
January 18, 2001 “Reinventing Government”
February 15, 2001 “What’s Becoming of Community?” with Robert Putnam
March 15, 2001 “Reinventing Education”
April 19, 2001 “Genetics and Public Policy”
May 17, 2001 “Privacy: Protect It or Forget It”
June 21, 2001 “An Evening with Cheryl Wheeler”

October 12, 1999 “Excellence in Public Schools: What Does It Take?”
November 18, 1999 “Families in Crisis and the Law” with District Attorney Martha Coakley
December 16, 1999 “What’s Happening in Managed Care?”
February 17, 2000 “A High School Diploma: What Is It Worth?”
March 9, 2000 “The Education Market: Competition, Vouchers and Public Schools”
April 13, 2000 “Education Reform: What’s Next?”
May 25, 2000 “Justice, Democracy, and the Growing Concentration of Wealth”
June 15, 2000 “Confronting Prejudice in Our Midst”

September 24, 1998 “Teaching in the 21st Century”
October 15, 1998 “Campaign Finance”
November 19, 1998 “There But For the Grace of God: Poverty in Our Midst”
January 21, 1999 “The Intellectual and the State: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky”
February 18, 1999 “What’s News? Politics and the Press”
March 18, 1999 “Health Care: In Critical Condition”
April 15, 1999 “It Takes a Village” Cosponsored with Lexington Clergy Association
May 27, 1999 “Challenged Students, Challenged Schools: Teaching Children w/Special Needs”
June 17, 1999 “Private Corporations, Public Trust”

September 18, 1997 “Special Education: Special Opportunities, Special Challenges”
October 16, 1997 “Talking Trash”
November 18, 1997 “Money and Politics: The Case for Campaign Finance Reform”
February 19, 1998 “Crime and Punishment” with Attorney General Scott Harshbarger
March 19, 1998 “The Working Poor and the Shrinking Middle Class”
April 16, 1998 “The New State Tests: Testing Students, Testing Teachers, Testing Schools”
May 21, 1998 “METCO, School Desegregation, and Race in the ’90s”
June 18, 1998 “Funding Public Education: A Taxing Challenge”

September 19, 1996 “It’s the Economy…”
October 17, 1996 “Privacy in the Global Village: Your Medical Record in the Computer Age”
January 16, 1997 “Electric Utility Deregulation: Power to the People”
February 20, 1997 “Democrats and Republicans: Whither the Two Parties”
March 20, 1997 “A Conversation with the Speaker” with Representative Thomas M. Finneran
April 29, 1997 “For the Health of It: Wellness, Sickness and Alternative Medicine”
May 15, 1997 “Hanscom Airfield: Under New Management”
June 19, 1997 “Priorities, Policies and Politics: A Conversation with Your Representative”

June 15, 1995 “Funding Public Education: A Taxing Challenge”
September 21, 1995 “Is Our Health Care System Well?”
October 19, 1995 “Jobs and the Economy: Planning for the Future or Luck of the Draw?”
November 16, 1995 “Talk Radio, Politics, and Policy in Massachusetts”
January 18, 1996 “Hanscom Field: Poised for Take-off?”
February 15, 1996 “Town and Gown: Remaking Higher Education for a Changing World”
March 21, 1996 “Diversity and Community”
April 18, 1996 “Environmental Policy: On the Cutting Edge or the Chopping Block”
May 16, 1996 “Crime and Public Safety”
June 20, 1996 “Church and State”