Below are scheduled Open House dates for the 23rd Season (2017-2018). Titles and guests will be announced as they are determined.

September 28, 2017- “Democracy Demands Engagement V: Taking Stock”

October 26, 2017- “Born on Third Base: A Conversation with Chuck Collins about Wealth and Income Divide”

November 16, 2017- “Your State Representative: Looking Back, Looking Ahead”

December 21, 2017- “Health Care Policy: Diagnosis, Prognosis”

WEDNESDAY, January 24, 2018 7PM-8PM at the Lexington Depot – “Immunity to Change: A Workshop on the Difficulty of Changing and Effecting Change”

February 15, 2018- “End of Life Issues”

March 15, 2018-“Goes Back to School with the METCO Program”

April 19, 2018- “Climate Change: An Earth Day Opportunity”

May 17, 2018- “If We Don’t Tackle Election Reform…”

June 21, 2018- “House 15th Middlesex Candidates Debate”