OPEN HOUSE, Rep. Kaufman’s monthly public policy series, was launched in 1995 to provide a forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities facing our community and Commonwealth. While Rep. Kaufman invites guests with expertise and experience in the policy area under consideration, the public is an integral part of the program, and audience participation typically directs the conversation. OPEN HOUSE has been named the best television series by the Massachusetts Cable Television Commission, and was awarded the cable industry’s Beacon Award as the nation’s best government relations series. OPEN HOUSE is produced in partnership with the Lexington Historical Society and LexMedia, which films the forums for broadcast in eastern Massachusetts.

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May and June’s “OPEN HOUSE”

Kaufman’s “OPEN HOUSE” Democracy Demands Engagement: Part 3 “Values-Based/Moral Action”

Please join Representative Jay Kaufman this Thursday, May 25, for the third of the 4-part “Democracy Demands Engagement” forums which are part of the 22nd season of Representative Kaufman’s “OPEN HOUSE” public policy series.  The focus this week is on “Values-Based/Moral Action.”  The participatory workshop will be held at Temple Isaiah, 55 Lincoln Street in Lexington from 7 to 9 PM.  It follows on the first two themes, “Challenging Times/Building Community” and “Identifying and Overcoming Divisions,” and will culminate in the fourth and final workshop, “What Now?  Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Together” on Thursday, June 15.

Joining Representative Kaufman and the team of community organizers who have shaped the “Democracy Demands Engagement” series will be leaders of the Massachusetts chapter of Reverend William Barber’s Moral Revival who will introduce us to this remarkable new voice in the struggle for democracy.  Reverend Barber’s call for unifying, non-partisan, morality-based political action has already produced major political change in his home state of North Carolina, and echoes of his movement are now reverberating across the nation.  We will explore the value and relevance of his call as we struggle, individually and together, to take stock of our roles as citizens of the Commonwealth and nation.

Unlike regular “OPEN HOUSE” forums that are taped and broadcast by LexMedia, to encourage unfettered participation, this revolution will not be televised! Mark your calendars and join us as we explore this challenging territory. RSVP by emailing Jacob.blanton@mahouse.gov.