“It’s the Economy…; A Conversation with Allen Sinai”

Representative Jay Kaufman’s award winning public policy forum, “OPEN HOUSE,” looks at the future prospects for our national and global economy in “It’s the Economy. . . ; A Conversation with Allen Sinai.” The forum, the eighth of the 20th season, and 200thoverall, will be held on Thursday April 16th, from 7:00PM-8:00PM, at the historic Depot in Lexington Center (13 Depot Square in Lexington Center).

Dr. Allen Sinai holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University and is the co-founder of Decision Economics, an international consulting firm that specializes in providing global macroeconomic research and support to help investment professionals position themselves in the financial markets. Previously, Dr. Sinai served as Chief Global Economist/Strategist at Shearson Lehman Brothers Investment Firm. Dr. Sinai is a pioneer in the use of quantitative macroeconomics in decision making by corporations and financial institutions. He has been a consultant to the Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush Administrations and to various Federal Reserve Members and Chairmen. He meets regularly with policymakers and officials in Europe, Japan, and Latin America, and frequently testifies before the US Congress. Dr. Sinai has advised the Democratic and Republican leaderships of the current Congress on matters relating to the economy, macroeconomic policy and financial markets. He has taught at numerous universities, including Brandeis, MIT, Boston University, and New York University, among many others.

What’s on the horizon for the national and global economy? How does this impact Massachusetts and what does it suggest for state policy? Can casinos solve our problems? How should economic projections inform the legislature’s debates about immigration policy, about the growing wealth and income divide, about state tax policy, about employment and wage policy, about the push for a graduated income (or millionaires’) tax? Find out the answers to these questions and bring your own. Don’t miss this forum April 16th, from 7PM-8PM. As always, the forum will take its shape largely from questions from the audience. Questions can also be submitted in advance at www.jaykaufman.com, or tweet your questions to @repjaykaufman In 1997, OPEN HOUSE was awarded the prestigious Beacon Award, cable television’s equivalent of an Emmy. The series was also named the best television series by Massachusetts Cable Television Commission. The OPEN HOUSE series is produced through a partnership between Representative Kaufman and LexMedia which records the forums for broadcast in Lexington and Woburn.