Senator Donnelly, Representatives Dwyer & Kaufman Discuss Priorities and How They’ll Work With a New Governor and Administration

Representative Jay Kaufman’s award winning public policy forum, “OPEN HOUSE,” welcomes Lexington & Woburn’s state delegation as they begin another two year legislative session. The forum, the fifth of the 20th season, will be held Thursday January 15th, 7:00PM-8:00PM at the historic Depot in Lexington Center (13 Depot Square in Lexington Center).

Senator Kenneth Donnelly (D-Arlington) represents parts of Lexington and all of Woburn. For 35 years, he worked for the town of Lexington as a fire fighter, attaining the rank of lieutenant. He was elected to the State Senate in 2009. In the Senate, he has played an instrumental role in crafting and passing municipal healthcare reform and the pension reform bill of 2010. In this past legislative session, Ken served as the Senate Chairman of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight and the Vice Chairman of Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities.

Representative James Dwyer (D-Woburn) represents part of Woburn and Reading. He previously was the Assistant Chief Probation officer for the Middlesex County Juvenile Probation Department. He was elected in 2005 as Ward 4 Alderman for the City of Woburn. He was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2008. In this past legislative session, Jim served on the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, Financial Services, and Steering & Policy.

What are the legislative priorities and issues of your elected Senator & Representative? What does a new Republican Governor mean for the district? Does bi-partisanship work in Massachusetts on the state level? What are the goals of the Legislature for this upcoming session? Find out the answers to these questions and bring your own. Don’t miss this forum January 15th, from 7PM-8PM. As always, the forum will take its shape largely from questions from the audience. Questions can also be submitted in advance at, or tweet your questions to @repjaykaufman 

In 1997, OPEN HOUSE was awarded the prestigious Beacon Award, cable television’s equivalent of an Emmy. The series was also named the best television series by Massachusetts Cable Television Commission. The OPEN HOUSE series is produced through a partnership between Representative Kaufman and LexMedia which records the forums for broadcast in Lexington and Woburn.