Voters will find four important questions on the November 4 ballot.

Two are initiatives that seek to legislate issues that the legislature has failed to address. Question 2 proposes an expansion of the state’s Bottle Bill so that juice and water bottles are included. Question 4 would provide earned sick time for employees in most businesses in the Commonwealth. Both of these are initiatives that I believe the legislature should have addressed and passed, so I’m glad that we, the voters, will have a chance to do so in November. I urge you to vote YES on Questions 2 and 4.

Questions 1 and 3 seek to reverse actions taken by the legislature. Last year the legislature voted to increase the gas tax by 3 cents. We also voted to index the gas tax, that is have it rise with inflation. Question 1 would repeal this indexing provision. I urge you to vote NO on Question 1. We should have raised the gas tax by much more than 3 cents and we desperately need to fund our roads, bridges and public transit systems. Passing Question 1 would only deepen an already-serious transportation-funding crisis.

Question 3 would repeal the law authorizing casinos in Massachusetts. I urge you to vote YES on Question 3. Contrary to the arguments made when the legislature debated the gaming law, casinos are, in the end, a tax on the poor and will not produce enough new jobs and economic activity to offset the losses in the small, local businesses that will be eclipsed by the proposed gaming megaplexes. They are the wrong way to do economic development.

NO on 1.

YES on 2, 3, and 4.

I’d welcome your questions and thoughts. Call 617-722-2320 or email me at

Jay Kaufman
State Representative