Representative Kaufman touts METCO, MCDHH, Shannon Grant Funding Levels

(BOSTON) – Representative Jay Kaufman joined his colleagues in the Legislature in passing a balanced FY15 budget focused on economic growth and increased government accountability and oversight. The spending plan makes important investments in local aid, education, and human services including substance abuse treatment and prevention and mental health care. The Legislature’s budget contains multiple measures to achieve sustainable economic growth and provide essential services that support the Commonwealth’s citizens.

The budget, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, emphasizes the importance of enhanced fiscal predictability and sustainable investments, a practice that has raised Massachusetts bond rating to AA+, the highest in the state’s history. The spending plan makes the lowest draw from the Stabilization Fund in four years and contributes about $1.79 billion to Massachusetts’ unfunded pension liability to accelerate the timetable for full funding.

“I’m especially pleased to see my colleagues agree on the House funding level ($19,142,582) for the METCO program” offered Representative Jay R. Kaufman, (D-Lexington) Chairman of the Joint Committee on Revenue. “This universally acclaimed racial desegregation program delivers the highest marks year after year, and I’m thrilled that METCO will again receive a much-needed funding increase” he added.

Summing up his reaction to the budget, Kaufman said “While this budget restores some of the funding to critical public services that have been seriously curtailed during the Great Recession, a tax reform agenda remains high on my “to do” list. We’ve started to rebalance our spending side of the ledger.  Now it’s time for a serious public conversation about the revenue side.”

The budget now moves onto the Governor’s desk for his approval.