All elections are consequential and we each have a stake in the outcome.  I’m often asked for recommendations and am happy to offer some. Please note that the ballots this year have a front and back, and may stretch over two pages! Be sure to double-check your ballot before turning it in to vote!


For Governor – Jay Gonzalez

For Senator – Elizabeth Warren

For Congress – Katherine Clark

For Attorney General – Maura Healey

For State Senate – Cindy Friedman or Michael Barrett (depending on your precinct)

For State Representative – Michelle Ciccolo (Lexington) or Richard Haggerty (Woburn)


Question 1 – No.  While there is room for disagreement about how to vote on Question 1, on balance, I lean “no.”  There is, at best, an unconvincing case to be made that nurse staffing ratios are a problem in Massachusetts and, as is the case with many initiative petitions written by one side and decided by which side has the resources for an expensive media campaign, the proposal is deeply flawed.  Staffing ratios should reflect differing medical circumstances and care settings, and are best left to regulations, not “one size fits all” legislation.


Question 2 – Yes.  The proposed commission to address the role of money in politics is advisory only.  Nevertheless, there is every reason to pursue any and all initiatives that have a chance of advancing the case for reform as there here is no greater threat to democracy than the role of that money plays in our electoral system.


Question 3 – Yes.  I am proud that, on my watch at the State House, we made major advances in civil rights, first for same-sex couples, then for transgender individuals.  Proponents of Question 3 seek to reverse those gains and, for the first time in Massachusetts history, revert to patterns of legally-sanctioned discrimination.  A “yes” vote will sustain the legislature’s landmark decision.