I am grateful to the citizens of Lexington and Woburn for re-electing me to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  It continues to be a real honor and privilege to serve, although I continue to have major concerns about the challenges we face.  High on the list of challenges is the many divisions in our country, divisions that, sadly, were in full bloom in the course of the recent Presidential campaign.  On the upside of “full bloom,” those divisions were readily visible and palpable, which gives us the opportunity to address them. We all need to be part of doing just that. My primary focus for the term ahead is completing the work started in the current session to pass the Fair Share amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution to help offset, at least in part, the enormous disparity of wealth and income in the Commonwealth.  Our current tax system is fundamentally unfair and does not allow us the critical public services we all need and want.  We have a chance to fix that and I am absolutely committed to that fix. I also look forward to continuing “Open House,” my public policy forum. Every month, we get to come together to learn, think together, and come to a better appreciation of the problems and opportunities before us.  I hope you’ll watch for the monthly announcements and join the conversations.  Email me (jay.kaufman@mahouse.gov) if you’re not already on the mailing list.  Alternately, the forums are taped and broadcast on our local access television station. I look forward to the term ahead and, again, thank you for doing your part and for allowing mine for the special communities we share.