At last, Election Day is finally upon us!   We’re all eagerly awaiting the end of the long and arduous journey that is the 2016 election.  While most of you are focused on the Presidential race, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask for your vote for State Representative.  While I am unopposed, I am eager to start the next term in the Massachusetts House of Representatives with renewed commitment and, ideally, your renewed endorsement.

Let me also respectfully ask for your vote for some other wonderful candidates with whom I am proud to share the ballot.

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most experienced and qualified candidate ever to seek the presidency.  It’s not just that we should fear and reject her opponent, we should enthusiastically vote for her.  Further down the ballot, Katherine Clark has been our Representative in Congress and, even in her short time in DC, earned a well-deserved reputation for her skill and intellect.  My legislative colleagues – Michael Barrett and Ken Donnelly in the Senate, and Jim Dwyer in the House – are great partners and dedicated public servants.  Lastly, our Sheriff, Peter Koutoujian, was a great House member and is now doing ground-breaking work in the Sheriff’s office.

We’ve got some wonderful people to vote for, and I have some wonderful people to work with in this great ongoing experiment that we call democracy.  And I thank you for doing your part.

Warmly, Jay