Yes there is an election coming up before the big one in November, and yes it is on an unusual day: Thursday, September 8.

On that date, you will get to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries, and I have some recommendations for you to consider.

I urge you to vote for Katherine Clark for US Congress, Peter Koutoujian for Sheriff, Michael Barrett (Lexington precincts 3, 8 and 9) or Ken Donnelly (Woburn and Lexington precincts 1, 2 and 4-7) for State Senate, Jim Dwyer for State Representative (Woburn wards 2-6) or me for State Representative in Lexington and Woburn (wards 1 and 7.)

Your polling location can be found via the Secretary of State’s website:

Feel free to call me at home (781-862-6181) or email me via with any thoughts or questions.

And always, thanks for being engaged!


Jay Kaufman
1 Childs Road