”Stuck at the Bottom: Social Mobility and the Wealth/Income Divide”

Representative Jay Kaufman’s award winning public policy forum, “OPEN HOUSE,” sounds the alarm about the growing wealth & income disparity in the country in, “Stuck at the Bottom: Social Mobility and the Wealth/Income Divide”. The seventh forum of the 21st season of “OPEN HOUSE” will be held on Monday, March 21st, from 7PM-8PM, at the historic Depot in Lexington Center (13 Depot Square in Lexington Center).

Robert Putnam is a political scientist and professor of public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He also serves as Distinguished Visiting Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, and was formerly a visiting professor and director of the Social Change Program at the University of Manchester in Great Britain. Mr. Putnam developed the influential “two-level theory”, that assumes international agreements will only be successfully brokered if they also result in domestic benefits. His most famous work, “Bowling Alone”, argues that the United States has undergone an unprecedented collapse in civic, social, associational, and political life (social capital) since the 1960s, with serious negative consequences. In March 2015, he published his latest book called “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” that looks at issues of inequality of opportunity in the US.

How does diminished social mobility relate to the wealth and income divide? When did the wealth and income divide accelerate? What are the primary causes of the erosion of the middle class? Is the problem the result of any political party or philosophy? Is the growing divide reversible? What can we do to change it? Don’t miss this forum March 21st, from 7PM-8PM.As always; the forum will take its shape largely from questions from the audience. Questions can also be submitted in advance at jay.kaufman@mahouse.gov, or tweet your questions to @repjaykaufman. 

In 1997, OPEN HOUSE was awarded the prestigious Beacon Award, cable television’s equivalent of an Emmy. The series was also named the best television series by Massachusetts Cable Television Commission. The OPEN HOUSE series is produced through a partnership between Representative Kaufman and LexMedia which records the forums for broadcast in Lexington and Woburn.